Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Preparations for NaPoWriMo

First - read this week's Tuesday Poem! Linda France's homage to a wasp nest. I love seeing old bird nests in the bare trees in winter, a reminder that when spring comes around again, the male birds will start flirting all over again outside my window. I added the idea of nests to my thoughts about NaPoWriMo.

Then ransack your library for books on writing poetry - or simply books on writing about writing. I have quite a few, but the two I was drawn to immediately are The Practice of Poetry, edited by Robin Behn and Chase Twichell and Luna, Luna, Creative Writing Ideas from Spanish, Latin American and Latino Literature, edited by Julio Marzan, both books I have used in the past.

Find a good notebook. Easy around here!

I wanted to also be inspired by some images, so I googled various images and stored them on my desktop - though I might now go and make a Pinterest board.

Commit to NaPoWriMo somewhere publicly. Done.

Lastly, create a pile of poetry collections and anthologies to dip into over the month. Preferably have some books which are new to you, some which challenge your normal reading and others which contain old favourites. (Still doing this - it's rather a joyful task!)

That and getting my computer fixed was just about all I've achieved today! I hope your day was slightly more productive! Go read about the productive wasps - you know you want to!

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Helen McKinlay said...

I like your ideas of preparing for NaWriMoPro.Might give it a go secretly.Glad you enjoyed Linda's poem.good luck with NWMP!