Sunday, September 13, 2015

Brisbane - Old Haunts

View from North Gorge, Stradbroke Island. I remember Mother and I waling along this part of the beach, one year, and seeing a whole pod of dolphins cavorting quite close to the shore. This time we saw a large pod, too, but a little too far out to sea for my naked eyes. Keith had binoculars, however!
 Point Lookout - not as developed as I thought it would be - but boasting three or four cafes now! We used to walk around from Cylinder Beach (I think) just to buy an icecream at the little store at Point Lookout.
No wonder it was the most relaxing day - endless beautiful water, the sound of the waves and there was a whale. Again, too far out for me to see in any detail but it was definitely out there, in the ocean.

We were sitting on the cliff at Point Lookout and I dropped my ball of wool (knitting socks) and nearly lost it in the ocean, much to the amusement of the other whale watchers. Keith went after it for me - but only when it hit a little rock or indentation and stopped rolling! He doesn't like heights. If it hadn't stopped, I would have been winding it up from the top! The socks - ocean-coloured, fortuitously, will now always remind of Stradbroke Island and talking about one-year plans versus five-year plans with Rosie.

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