Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Summer is beginning to excite me.

I am not normally excited by summer. I don't enjoy it when it gets over 24 (that's Celsius). But this winter has seemed long, accompanied by illness and colder than last winter. It's has rained. A lot. I like rain, but not constant rain. It feels as though there's been fairly constant rain since I first got sick. I'm sure that can't be true, or The Accountant would have started making an Ark, rather than a Catty Shack. So, I find myself excited about summer. I'm anticipating the opening of the Belgrave swimming pool even as I sit here typing this in front or the fire and wearing fingerless mittens. I'm anticipating trips to the beach, wearing cotton shirts and loose trousers and sandals.

I'm also anticipating some new writing.

It occurred to me the other day that I really want to do an MFA. However, I don't want to go to America to do one. So, what I thought I might do over summer is create a creative writing course for myself, using books in my vast library of books about writing. I'm still going to do NaNoWriMo, but when November finishes, I'll launch into two months of expanding my writing horizons, trying some short pieces, working on some poems, or even a poem sequence. I'll do this in a disciplined way.

That is my plan and I'm quite proud of it.

I must be recovering - I can't make good plans and get enthusiastic about then when I'm sick - I just linger in bed, reading. Or whinging. Or both.

Or I do a little judicious online shopping.

I confess I did this - and bought an Ultimate Sweater Machine - about which I'm unreasonably excited. It's a way of using up stash, is my feeling. I do have a lot of stash - and much of my knitting takes place on public transport. This means I knit a lot of socks which are very transportable, and not so many sweaters or cardigans which are very useful. Particularly in winters such as this one. I'm anticipating more cardigans in my future. As soon as the Catty Shack is completed. Begone rain!

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