Monday, September 07, 2015

Wow! So many weeks...

There has been some mysterious illness going around our neighbourhood. I was sick for about five weeks. I'm only just recovering. In between being sick, I've done other stuff, as you do.
 Ixchelbunny Lochness Monster fleece, spun up with some merino fleece. It's made about 650 metres, I think. I've started knitting a Crescent Phases shawl from it.
 The Belarus cardigan made from Rowan kidsilk in beautifully coloured stripes.
 Marcy Tilton's jacket made from fabric stash.
Sock made from yarn bought at the Arts Centre market. This is on top of a lace skirt made from fabric stash.

What clearly didn't get done much while I was sick was any writing to talk about. I did revise up to chapter 11 and rewrite some of the little chapter preambles, but mostly I've knitted, spun, read and done some work when I could. For a whole week I lay limply in bed with a fierce headache and nausea that turned out to be reactions to the antibiotic I'd been prescribed.

However, I was well enough to celebrate Motorbike Boy's 24th birthday! When do I have to stop calling him boy?

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