Thursday, September 10, 2009

Highlights of the week

Knitting a pair of bling-y fingerless mitts for a poet friend of mine who turned 45. They are the loveliest pair I've knitted so far - a garter stitch ruffle at the wrist (to take away that Steptoe look)and ribbing for the main part which allows some size flexibility. But the main beauty was the yarn - Trendsetter 'Dune' in a gorgeous crushed rasberry colour being the main colour, but flashes of silver, lighter pink, and black providing interest.

Going to see The Young Victoria with The Accountant. Julian Fellowes wrote the script - I read his Past Imperfect last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Young Victoria was just the right movie to see - sumptuous costumes, romance, chicanery, political intrigues and love triumphing in the end.

Writing chapter six of the new book, getting some more writing ideas for it and one of my other projects and being happy with what I was doing! It's the best job when it's going well!


Misrule said...

I'm dying to see Young Victoria, and I want those gloves!

Cattyrox said...

Should have taken a photo of the gloves. Next time!