Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Change of weather

means swimming at Belgrave pool - they have a shoulder season through October. It's beautiful swimming outdoors in the morning when the sky is blue and white cockatoos sail overhead. Today the water was surprisingly warm. Yesterday it was not - I went to the pool wearing a scarf!

Reading - the biography of Gerald Durrell. He didn't ever really have faith in himself as a writer - compared to his brother Larry (Lawrence Durrell of The Alexandria Quartet fame - oh, I remember reading that back in Brisbane in the late seventies how exotic and wonderful it was for a young woman at the end of her teen years!)he regarded himself as something of a hack writer. But I think he was extremely hard on himself - his writing is beautifully crafted and constructed. Lawrence Durrell was always proudly warm of his younger brother - which must have been difficult when Gerald Durrell's fame - and fortune - was greater than his own - this was pre the publication of The Alexandria Quartet.

Writing - not today. But, on a positive note, the end of the Dip VET is in sight. Yay! Books keep arriving about The Great Gatsby. I hope to have the Elements of Fiction course re-written by the end of October. Then I can focus on my own writing again.

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