Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stayed up last night and re-read The Great Gatsby

which reminded me that Susan Bell looks at Fitgerald's editing of it in her book, The Artful Edit, which is an extraordinarily interesting book on the process of editing and revising.

I enjoyed reading both The Great Gatsby and her comments on Fitzgerald's editing that I've decided to completely rewrite a course I offer at GippsTAFE - Elements of Fiction. I'll teach the same elements, but use The Great Gatsby as a close reading text - reading in a writerly way. This so excited me that I bounced out of bed, armed myself with a few books relevant to the subject, and then realised I had marking to do before I could start anything new.

I'd get on to it tonight, but for the fact that I might be playing tennis - might, because it depends on the weather. I have no idea what the Belgrave tennis club protocol is on rainy weather. In Kyneton, providing the rain stopped or slowed to an intermittent drizzle, we simply swept the courts and played on. Probably this was due to the weather in Kyneton - I once witnessed a tennis ball gust back to it's original side of the net because we were playing in cyclonic conditions!

Still - there's time to make some notes, I'm sure.

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